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Board game review & gameplay of: Clank!

Game design: P. Dennen

Illustrations: R. Beisner, R. Ramos, N. Storm

  • 9/10
  • 12+
  • 1-4 players
  • 30-60 minutes


In Clank! players crawl into a dragons dungeon to steal some treasures and hopefully not wake the dragon. Each player starts with a deck of 10 cards and draws 5 cards as a starting hand. Cards contain swords to attack monsters on the path, skill to buy new cards and/or boots, letting you walk around the board. 

Clank! Is a deckbuilding game, meaning you get a chance to buy new cards after you've played your cards (if you have enough skill). These cards end up in your discard pile, meaning your deck becomes stronger as the game progresses. 

If players have collected an artifact and some extra loot, they hurry themselves out of the dungeon, as the dragon becomes more aware of the thieves as they make noise (Clank!). The players that 'die' in the dungeon don't get to count points, players that die outside of the dungeon get to count points and players that got home safely get 20 bonus points! The player with the highest player count win the game. 

On the box and on bgg it says Clank! Is a 2-4 player game. However, Renegade has released an app containing an interactive solomode.


Clank! is definitely one of my favourite games all time. As you might have already noticed I really like the smooth deckbuilding in this game and together with the dungeon crawl it all comes together so nicely! 

There are different tactics to follow and because there are a lot of cards, every game feels new. Besides this there are lots of cool expansions available, often coming with a new deck of cards and main board (double-sided!)

The Solomode in the app is very nice, although I must say with this game I prefer to play together with other players. I think this is because I really like the racing element against the other players!


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