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Board game review & gameplay of: minecraft: Builders and Miomes

Game design: Ulrich Blum

  • 8/10
  • 10+
  • 2-4 players
  • 30-60 minutes


In Minecraft, players mine resources, collect tiles of structures and weapons and defeat creatures such as Enderman and Creepers!

Players earn points by destroyed monsters and between rounds for their structures!

On a turn players can choose 2 of the following actions:

- take two resources of which two sides and topside are revealed

- move their character and flip 4 cards that are facedown on the final spot

- build a structure by paying the resources and placing the structure anywhere on the playerboard

- fight a mob with their own little fighting deck (this can become better by gaining weapons)

Each time one layer of the building block cube is removed, players score their player boards according to preset scoring conditions that are shown on scoring tiles.

After the third scoring round players add up final scores and highest score wins the game!



I really like the simplicity of the game, it's easy to teach and there even is a child friendly version suggested, in which children play a different version of the game than parents do.

I really like the big chunky cubes of the building block cube. Because of this the attention is really drawn to this cube and that's a good thing since it has a big influence on when scoring begins and the game ends.

I like the small deckbuilding element in the weapons and the fact that you can follow different strategies in the game, fight monsters or build structures, or a combination of the two.

The game is great fun and works solid! I can imagine kids/people playing Minecraft loving this game. I even think it's a great gateway from playing computer games to playing board games!


I can not really think of any downsides, I really like this game and greatly recommend it!


A copy of this game was provided to me by Ravensburger for the purpose of writing this review. My opinion however remains my own.

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