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Board game review & gameplay of: Tiny epic galaxies: Blast off

Game design: Scott Almes

Illustrations: Felix Wermke

  • 7.5/10
  • 9+
  • 2-4 players
  • 30-45 minutes


In this game you try to be the first to get to 21 points! You collect these by exploring new planets and upgrading the level of your galaxy.

On your turn you get to roll as many dice as shown on your current level on your player mat. These dice will be used to move starships, acquire resources, advance colonizations and utulize galaxy actions!


This game is a quick and fun remake of the original (Ultra) Tiny Epic Galaxies game. There are some very small rules adaptations. The game does not have a solo mode and plays up to 4 instead of up to 5. Also when you want to perform a follow action, you can only follow the first three activated dice. This makes the follow action a little less powerfull, which is a good thing in my opinion.

I really like this little game, to play with friends that don't usually play that much and it's perfect after-dinner game!

👍 Easy to learn
👍 Enough interaction between players
👍 The new art looks beautiful
👍 The follow action is a bit more restricted than in the original game

➖ The game has no solo mode unlike Tiny Epic Galaxies


A copy of this game was provided to me by Gamelyn Games for the purpose of writing this review. My opinion however remains my own.

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