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Board game review & gameplay of: Tribes of the wind

  • 8.5/10
  • 14+
  • 2-4 players
  • 40-60 minutes


In tribes of the wind, players try to built a better home in a polluted environment.

They do so by exploring foresttiles, building temples and villages and gathering objectives, althewhile scoring lots of victory points!

Each player starts with a hand of 5 cards, which show their types on their backs. On a turn players get to perform one of three actions:

- Play a card

For the costs of the cards you always need to look at what types of cards are in your hand and sometimes also at the types of cards in your neighbours hands. Cards let players: move wind riders to forest tiles in order to build a village, get rid of pollution on their player board, build forest tiles on unpolluted areas, gain water needed to build those forest tiles.

- Build a temple

Discard 3 cards and gain the one time bonus indicated. This can come in handy when the cards in your hand are not so powerful

- Build a village

By flipping a tile when enough wind riders on there, gaining a bonus card (choosing the one time benefit, or end of #gamebonus, by shoving it under their player board)

When a #player built all 5 villages, everybody finishes the current round and everybody calculates scores.


So far I'm a big fan. The art is beautiful and the #gameplay works really well.

It doesn't need a lot of explaining and is a typical 'anticipationgame'. You need to anticipate what's in other players hands, your own hand, make use the opportunities that rise. I always like these kind of flexible games, and this one is shooting high on my list of new coming games this year!

👍 The artwork by vincentdutrait

👍 The #game feels innovative in the way cards are played using the cards of the fellow players

👍 Elegant in its simplicity. It is not complex, but does ensure a nice puzzly feeling

👍➖ sometimes you don’t have lot of options in hand because of the luck of the draw, however, in my opinion you are able to look out for this


A copy of this game was provided to me by La boite du jeu for the purpose of writing this review. My opinion however remains my own.

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