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Board game review & gameplay of: Wingspan insert (incl all expansions!)

  • 8.5/10


This is the official announcement of the new Wingspan insert, which holds ALL 3 expansions as well as the base game in the core game box!

So how did they do this?!😱

Some clever considerations are made:

🥚the bird house is replaced with a 3d printed one.

🥚The original card holders do not fit and instead cards can be placed above the resources basket.

🥚The insert does not hold sleeved cards.

The insert holds:

🥚all cards from the base game and all the expansions (no sleeves!!)

🥚7 player boards, you can pick which ones yourself

🥚The game components of the core game, european and australian expansion separate from the components of the asia expansion, you can just grab the duet components and play! (See pictures)



Overall: I love how this insert has neat tricks to have everything fit in the core box. Everything fits, albeit with a small lift of the lid and the loss of the bird house.

👍 I like the card holders, I don’t sleeve my cards so I’m very happy with them! I really like how they look and feel. You can just place them next to the game area!

👍 I like the end of round goal board and the bird house! They are like a cool extra you get with the insert 😄

👍 The insert is well thought through and user friendly. Plug and play! I especially enjoy the separate components for the Asia expansion, everything else can stay in the box!

👍➖ the original birdhouse and the cardholders do not fit in the box, though the 3dprinted birdhouse is a nice substitute!

👍➖ the cardholders do not hold sleeved cards (no problem for me personally though)

This is in my view the best insert so far when you want to keep al your Wingspan boxes in the core box only!


A copy of this game was provided to me by Feldherr for the purpose of writing this review. My opinion however remains my own.

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