Game design: Lotte Verheul

  • 10+
  • 1-4 players
  • 30-60 minutes

As you can read in the about me section I've had a long period of recovery because of a bump on the head. There was a period in which I was struggling to share what I was going through with the people around me. At the same time I also missed having a sense of purpose, which made me look for things to do that made me feel useful and fullfilled.

I initiated so many things! I started writing a book about my process; drawing a graphic novel; making little notes to share via social media. None of these projects really stuck to me. Then, all of a sudden (classic under the shower moment) I got the idea to create a board game about what I was going through. Since board games already helped me so much gaining back some resilience, it only seemed logical to me to share my story by letting people experience it by playing my own game!

When I started I still didnt have that much energy, so I litteraly had to practice what I preached during the development. I can only hope and wish that this game will help people one way or another, whether as a conversation starter about recovery or as a source of ideas on how to manage their own recovery. 

I surely will never forget how important ‘Recovery’ has been for my own process.


Currently working on your health, you start a recovery process together with your fellow player(s). This will last either a certain amount of days or until one of the players loses all of his or her complaints. In the morning you decide who has the shortest morning ritual that day, thus who is the first to begin. During the day you spend your time on various action locations on the board in order to gain energy, lose complaints and develop on the insight track. At night you take night rest, which will give you back time to spend on the following day and can give you a lot of benefits or… Complaints…

Find more information about Recovery on Board Game Geek below. Also check out my runtrhough video and for the dutch: Watch my interview with the spelletjesvrienden!

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