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Board game review & gameplay of: Azul

Game design: M. kiesling

Illustrations: P. Guérin, C. Quilliams

  • 8.5/10
  • 8+
  • 2-4 players
  • 30-45 minutes


Players build walls filled with Portugese tiles in order to impress the king. They do so by taking turns drafting tiles and placing them onto their player boards. The player who does this most efficiently, will earn the most points and win the game!

When taking tiles, players may take all tiles of one colour of a supplier in the play area and put the rest of that supplier in the middle of the table, which also becomes a supplier on its own. 

Placing the tiles, players pick one row and have to place all tiles in this same row. If there are tiles left, they fall on the ground and will cost you minus points at the end of the round. 

When all tiles in the play area are gone, this round ends and the rows that are filled with tiles will be scored. Whenever a player has one horizontal row completed, the game ends and final scoring begins.


A long time ago I have played Azul for the first time, only to find out now that I got the rules ENTIRELY wrong 😅. I kind of made a mess of counting the points each round. Now that I played it correctly, I found out that I really REALLY like this game!

Azul looks very good with the colourful tiles, that's something I can really appreciate. The gameplay is fairly simple to teach and I like the chillness of taking a few tiles and the anticipation on the actions of the other players. Scoring in between rounds make it exciting, to see the progress of every player.

Azul is a beautiful abstract game, easy to love. If you like games with a nice visual and tactile feel, this tileplacement game cannot miss in your collection!

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A copy of this game was provided to me by for the purpose of writing this review. My opinion however remains my own.

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