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Board game review & gameplay of: Viticulture: world

Game design: M. Shah, F. Testini

Illustrations: A. Bosley

  • 8.5/10
  • 13+
  • 1-6 players
  • 60-120 minutes


The biggest change in this expansion is that it's now played cooperative instead of competitive.

To win all players have to score at least 25 VP and have the influence token at 10 at the end of the 6th year.

At the start of each year, a new event card is turned that's going to add something specific, like a new workerspot or rule for that particular round.

Workers now have summer and winter workerhats, when you now train a worker, it loses the hat, making it able to work in both seasons.


👍 It's amazing to be able to play a game I love so much now in cooperative mode. It is very well implemented, each continent comes with its own rules and special powers/actions specific to the history of that particular continent, feels brilliant!!

👍 To be able to upgrade actions is SO MUCH FUN! The upgrading feels very satisfying and even though the game can get quite hard at times, it still is fun to play!

👍being able to trade is a great solution for the randomness of the card draws

👍 It's well scalable in difficulty

👍 Love how the mamas and papas can now be combined with their own gender

👍 The artwork by Andrew Bosley, although not created by original artist Beth Sobel, is beautiful and fits in with the original game well enough.

👍➖ It's a very tight game, it's difficult to win. 

➖ It's longer than regular Viticulture

➖ Players can take over the discussion in this game, putting other players more in the background.


The solomode I find very intriguing as you have to decide some things for the automa. Sounds like more work, but in reality it's super easy to maintain and gives a very nice experience!


A copy of this game was provided to me by Stonemaier Games for the purpose of writing this review. My opinion however remains my own.

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