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Board game review & gameplay of: It's a Wonderful World

Game design: F. Guerard

Illustrations: A. Wolff

  • 8/10
  • 14+
  • 1-4 players
  • 30-60 minutes


In this game you and your players are building towards a wonderful world! You do so by first drafting cards, then playing or recycling cards and gaining resources. In this way you are building an engine. The resources are represented by cubes which you can place on the cards. Once a card is filled, it is considered built and then you can gain its benefits the following rounds. Cards also have conditions to score more points at the end of the game. In the end the one with the most points wins the game.


I love the engine building aspect in this game! In my eyes the theme is not that much present, but I still can't stop playing it because I love filling up those cards with cubes in order to... Get even more cubes!!!! It's just so fullfilling There is also a very nice solovariant, in which you play for a better highscore.


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