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Board game review & gameplay of: It's Contagious!

Game design: L. & T. Pickett

Illustrations: S. Sanchez

  • 7/10
  • 7+
  • 2-6 players
  • 10 minutes


In this fast-paced cardgame you take turns playing card(s) that are higher than the card(s) played before you and you try to end up with the smallest stack of cards (a.k.a. viral load) in the end. You either play one card from your hand or several cards with the same number on it and add these up. Besides number cards, there are also powercards, among which 'antibodies' and 'flatten the curve', that will do all kind of things to turn the game around!

Once you aren't able to play a card, you have to take the whole pile and put it beside you as your 'viral load'. Once the deck is empty, each player counts their own viral load and the one with the lowest viral load wins the game!


This is a very fast, light and fun cardgame! Playing around with this virustheme in a lightly manner is very welcome these times, where unfortunately this same virustheme can be very heavy for us all.

The gameplay is elegant in its simplicity and the power cards, which fit in very well thematically, ensure a good take that vibe. I really appreciate the beautiful artwork of the game and really like that the winner is undetermined until the very end!


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