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Board game review & gameplay of: Wingspan: Oceania

Game design: E. Hargrave

Illustrations: A. Jaramillo, N. Rojas, B. Sobel

  • 8.5/10
  • 10+
  • 1-5 players
  • 40-70 minutes


The end of round goals add an extra tensionlayer to the game, just as the fighting over some extra points by collecting nectar. Also the expansion comes with two new automa versions! It is possible to play it with your friends in coop mode now! How cool is that! Can't wait to try that. And there is a new way introduced for the automa to keep track of the nectar and something with the brown cards. I can imagine this would do a lot for the solo gameplay.


I actually hadn't played wingspan for a while now. Because of the oceania expansion it got its way back to the table again. And I have to say I keep on loving the chillness of this game by Hargrave. The thematics are just so strong! In Oceania I can really feel it in the personal note about the excess nectar helping the birds. Love it!


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