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Board game review & gameplay of: Fly away

  • 7.5/10


In this game you play as bird conservationists trying to help the birds migrate from one place to another. 

There always are three birds you try to help migrate. Each bird has a specific route to follow. Players take turns contributing to one of the routes of these birds by placing links on the big map in the central play area. The player who finished one of these birds route, gets to take the card for end scoring points.

On a turn players;

- Take a Wing It! Card

- Take a Fowl Play! These are the threats birds face, where you can help them by playing sqauwk cards.

- places up to 3 links on the board and get to play as many wing cards as they please.

Game ends when a player saved 6 birds or when all fowl cards have been drawn. 


First off, this game looks wonderful. The components are great, all linnen finished and very nice artwork, also on the backs of the boards. 

The gameplay feels solid and it's a lot of fun. I like how the serious theme is experienced through playing this game. Birds just face lots of challenges when migrating! It made me look it up and more aware of this. I applaud them for accomplishing this.

The replayability is good. There are enough birds with different routes of various lengths, and there are always some fowl play cards going back in the box, making each game unique.

I really appreciate this game. It surprised me in its simplicity. And I always am a fan of beautiful bird games


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