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Board game review & gameplay of: Star wars: the deckbuilding game

  • 8.5/10
  • 12+
  • 2 players
  • 30 minutes


Star wars the deckbuilding game plays pretty much like any other deckbuilding game. You start with a hand of five, get to buy some cards in your discard pile, shuffle your discard into a new deck and try to destroy each others bases.

The Star Wars Deckbuilding game specific rules are:

☄️ asymmetrical play: one player fights as the rebels, the other as the imperials, both start with a different starter deck

☄️ the trade row, where new cards can be bought, features neutral, rebel and imperial cards. Players can only buy their own faction- and neutral cards

☄️ players aim to destroy 3 enemy bases, which signify as life counter. Players get to choose the 2nd and 3rd base, coming with special abilities when in play.

☄️ in the trade row, rebel cards face the rebel player, imperial cards, the imperial player. Players can choose whether to attack the opponents base or cards in the trade row. When doing the second, players get a benefit shown on the card.

☄️ some actions give you force. Some cards give special abilities when the force is on your side of the track.


As probably the biggest #starrealms (&#StarWars!) fan, I was super enthusiastic about this release.

I think this game is a very fun accessible #deckbuildinggame for all Star Wars lovers out there. It plays a bit longer than Star Realms, but the tension stays high throughout the game!

👍 Its thematically strong, which is difficult for a #deckbuildergame like this, but it’s done as good as practically possible, with the force track, the way cards react on one another and man do I love to attack #DarthVader with #LukeSkywalker 🙌

👍 the addition of the bases is very cool. There are some strong special abilities when bases are in play. And again. Destroying capital ships with the #DeathStar…🥹 (no I don’t support violence!)

👍 Mechanics feel smooth and it has a good tension throughout the game.

👍 component quality is solid, no linnen finish, but still a nice production! (I have a thing for those plastic cubes!)

👍 ➖ The mechanics are not innovative, but also as innovative as can be in this case. This is ‘just’ a very nice implementation of a deckbuilding Star Wars game!


A copy of this game was provided to me by Asmodee for the purpose of writing this review. My opinion however remains my own.

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